Tuesday, October 20, 2009


skim milk is simply not my cup of tea
and two percent won't do the trick
but I love whole milk made organically

though most my friends say it makes them sick
to watch me drink straight from the carton
I tell them that I don't give a lick

so when the weekend is just startin
and everyone is buying beer
I go out to buy my milk carton

while many find this to be queer
I would have to disagree
that piss beer you drink comes no where near

organic whole milk of such high quality
and even thought it's full of fat
I drink it quite religiously

oh sorry, i'd love to stop and chat
but I drink whole milk, are you down with that?

not my best. but it was written in terza rima form, and i seem to struggle when writing in form. my new goal is to write a poem every week, and i will be putting them up here, but i warn you that they are all in their roughest stages, most likely. On weeks when i am not particularly busy, i am going to try to attempt writing in different forms.


  1. nonsense baby, this is amazing, and you could sell it to an organic whole milk company if you wanted and mak lots of $.

  2. I love whole milk. Raw milk is the best, though.