Friday, May 29, 2009

enjoy your stay

hey toe tapper
i haven't seen you around
since the new feminine phenomenon
yeah, we wear wrist watches now.

jitter bug love.
we've got nothing but smiles.
so shine on miss sun-blissed.

mr. ax man.
cut me off.
i'm intoxicated on the love soaked drama.
i've got a mind void that i just can't see.

ms. sex addict.
it's okay to give it all you've got.
sometimes you have to pay to get paid baby.

yo giggle girls.
we've got your hearts duct taped together.
we know the new age spandex days have just begun.
we're ready.

why hello mr. heartbreaker.
i hear your kiss left a bad flavor.
you left a trail of empty words.
we're onto you.

good bye miss i know me.
wipe off those gritty teeth begin.
we hear that you love mysteries.
welcome to the new view.

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