Friday, May 29, 2009


i stuck my music in my shoes so the pick pocketers can't steal my tunes.
"i stuck it in my underwear because no one ever goes down there"
it makes my feet sore
"i've got ants in my pants"
i'm letting it go
"no save it up, don't you want them to hear your sound loud and clear?"
it won't matter when the time comes.

all she ever wanted was something that was her own, something she could share with others so they would remember to love her.
"oh, i want to sing these tears to sleep, can you make music with the light? these things always taste so good going down, but they grow rancid in my stomach"
your eyes are seeping some strange liquid
"i hope it tastes like candy"
it's nothing so sweet.

there is no music to be had hear
what a brick, what a brick
there is no sound to be found round here
what a trick, what a trick

she has words, piles of words stacked up in here closet, where the clothes should be. which word should i wear today?

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